Eleni Antoniadou

Managing Director

Ελένη ΑντωνιάδουEleni Antoniadou, our CEO and Managing Director studied Mathematics & IT… She never followed a career based on her studies; finally, she preferred the field of Public Relations, Publicities and Communication… Specialized in this domain for several years, 2008 she decided to open her own Company “Brainstorm”… She feels really so happy to combine the two most important facts: the happiness of creation (Events &Corporate) and ofcourse the communication and the public relations…



Mary Vingou

Event Planner

Μαίρη ΒίγγουMary Vingou, her big interest is the event field… Graduated from AKTO art & design in Greece and continued her studies at stilista di moda and visual merchandiser in Italy as an interior designer, now, is the Event planner in brainstorm specialized in wedding and baptism field. Her previous jobs were a total success bringing on the spot new concepts and marvelous ideas!